The Best Salad

Years ago, a colleague made this salad for a potluck at work, and was kind enough to gift me the recipe. I'm sharing it here becuase it's become one of my favourites in the years since.


This batch makes enough for 4+ people as a main meal.



  1. Thinly slice 2 red onions into rings, cut in half to have semi-circles
  2. Heat a pan on the stove with olive oil and lemon juice (approx 1/4 cup each)
  3. Add sugar & onions to pan
  4. While onions are cooking, in a separate pot, cook the cous cous according to directions on the packet
  5. Chop up lemons, discarding any seeds. Once onions are soft, add lemons to pan
  6. After a minute or two, take off the heat. If the contents are getting dry, add some more lemon juice
  7. Add a large handful of currants to the pan
  8. Once the cous cous is cooked, drain and rinse, and add it to the onion/lemon mix
  9. Mix together and splash with more olive oil
  10. Finely chop mint and parsley (I use most of a full bunch from the shops) and add to mix
  11. Taste the salad together and season with salt, pepper, and more lemon juice if needed
  12. Add the pomegranate seeds and stir through, or serve on top for presentation


From time to time, I've been known to add some other ingredients to the salad.

Some things I've added: